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Experienced consumers

experienced consumers

“My hypothesis runs as follows. Older consumers are experienced consumers.  And as experienced consumers, they are likely to be less responsive and more cynical to marketing.  We’ve been there, seen it, done it and returned the Tshirt. We are sceptical about the marketing promise and quick to judge if the experience does not match the promise.

To appeal to us, marketing needs to be more realistic. It needs to support propositions with relevant information and facts and to deliver what it promises.  It needs to stop patronising us with fatuous drivel (remember when TV advertising was good? But that’s for another day). Instead, we are given payment ninjas and an obsession with youth.

Research has told us this for many years now.  Ten years ago, academics Smizgin and Carrigan concluded that ‘despite all the evidence, advertisers continue to pursue youth’.  In 2015, JWT found that 73% of people 50-69 say they don’t pay attention to ads because they don’t seem relevant.”

Mark Beasley (Chairman – Mature Marketing Association)

Bron: mma.org